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School Site Council

This is the central decision-making body of the school, and consists of the Principal, 4 elected parents and 2 teacher representatives.

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All meetings are open to the public.

2023-2024 School year meetings will be posted in the fall.

The role of the School Site Council is to serve as the central governing body of the school under the shared decision-making model.  It includes:

- to review and comment on the entire school budget

- to develop and approve plans for increasing parent involvement in the school

- to approve waivers

- to review and approve recommendations that will have a major effect on the school community

- to participate in hiring through the Personnel Subcommittee

- to receive information about all outside programs or professionals who come into the school

Please see the Boston Public Schools Site Council Manual for full details.


Members of the 2023-2024 Site Council will be posted in the fall. 

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