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All Perry School students and staff work toward achieving an instructional focus that states, “we will provide opportunities for ALL students (every child, every day) to productively struggle with learning while engaging in oral and written tasks.”  We embrace what it means to have “sweaty brains” because we know that when students’ brains and thinking are challenged, true connections are made!  

We utilize our time intentionally to enhance our thematic curriculum. This includes more culturally and currently relevant texts to build an inclusive and supportive learning environment.


Grades K-2:

Focus & Fundations Curriculums

Grades 3-5:

Expeditionary Learning

Grades 6:

Teacher Created Theme-Based Literacy 


Grades K-5:

TERC Investigations 

Grades 6:

Engage New York & Teacher Created Supplementary Tasks

Specialty Classes

Physical Education (all grades)

STEAM (all grades)

Leadership & Service (6)

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