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March 29th Shark Shout Outs!

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Weekly Shark Shoutouts from the week ending March 26th!

Shout out to Adiel in Ms. Kelly’s class for being an active participant throughout SPOT group. You did a fantastic job using your words, signing and using your device. Keep up the great work! - Ms. Baird

Shoutout to Liv, Kendall and Tatum for working so hard during reading centers. The girls worked hard and spelled their sight words with 100% accuracy! Keep up the hard work! - Ms. Corrado

Shoutout to Emmett, Ryan and Emma for being so determined during math centers. The group worked hard through story problems to find the missing addend! You guys are rockstars! - Ms. Corrado

Christopher Murphy for being such an amazing friend! He is always there to lend a helping hand! - Ms. Flores

Camron Williams for trying his best while practicing the letter Z! Keep up the perseverance, Camron! - Ms. Flores

Welcome back, Conal! We are so glad to see you in person on Monday and Tuesday (and online the rest of the week!). - Ms. Glynn

Shout out to Ian for dancing and engaging in morning meeting! We love your energy! - Ms. McCarthy & Ms. Torres

Shout out to Hansel in 8th grade for coming into school Monday ready to focus and learn! We are so proud of you and it was great to see you in person! - Ms. McGeary

Shout out to Gia for being incredibly reliable in class and on Zoom for this year. It is a joy to see you every morning. - Ms. Peckham

Shout out to Willa, JoJo, and Emy in 4th grade for volunteering to read the morning announcements. You all did an amazing job! - Ms. Sasha

Shout out to the 4th graders in Ms. Sirois’ class for their focused effort on improving their collaboration with partners last week. Everyone learned more as a result of this teamwork! - Ms. Sirois

Shout out to Noah for his hard work and teamwork in his Magic Tree House book group!

- Ms. Stewart

Shout out to Maya for teaching 3rd grade all about Persian New Year! - Ms. Stewart

Shout out to Nazier, Jaymiah and Eliazar for their participation in PE while remote this week. Each of these students put 100% effort into the lesson! Way to go Ms. Sparrow’s students. - Ms. Wyse

Shout out to K-1 for demonstrating how to line up when leaving their PE class using social distancing. Each student waited to be called, lined up keeping a 3 foot distance, and showed Perry Pride! Great job K-1. - Ms. Wyse

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