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February 22nd Shark Shout Outs!

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Weekly Shark Shoutouts from the week ending January 22nd!

Shoutout to Ms. Mulenga’s classroom. There was so much energy and joy in our first SPOT group back on monday afternoon. Each and everyone of the students were heard when singing the friends song and goodbye song. Keep up the positivity and energy! - Ms. Baird

Shoutout to Jamoni in Mrs. Kelly’s room for his enthusiasm during SPOT group this week. It was his first day back to in person learning in a year and he followed all the rules, participated and appeared to really be enjoying himself. Keep up the great work Jamoni. - Ms. Baird

Shoutout to Kayary for positively, actively and consistently participating in all of our reading lessons! - Ms. Carey

Shoutout to Emmett, Mac, Lynklon and Ryan for always showing up the Reading groups with a big smile and a positive attitude! Keep up the great work boys!! - Ms. Corrado

Shoutout to Emma and Molly for working hard during Reading groups! Molly and Emma spelled their sight words with 100% accuracy! Keep up the hard work! - Ms. Corrado

Shoutout to Caroline Mulrooney, who along with her Mystery Reader dad, read a story to the K2 class. - Ms. Flores & Ms. Pat

Shout out to Andy Reyes Aquino who had his camera on SO OFTEN this week. We love seeing you, bud! :) - Ms. Glynn

Shout out to my entire class! They came back to in-person learning and are doing amazing adjusting to the “new” rules and routines of the classroom and school. - Ms. Kelly

Shout out to Thomas Quinlan for always putting in 100% effort on his classwork and completing the challenge problem everyday!! - Mr. Kidd

Shout out to Skyler in Ms. Stewart’s class for jumping right into her new reading group with enthusiasm and excellent participation! - Ms. McGeary

Shout Out to Jeremy for consistent attendance and energy with ELA work last week! - Ms. Peckham

Shoutout to Mouctar Bah and Bobby McEachern for leading their groups in going back to the text when answering questions. - Ms. Sirois

Shout out to the 1st grade for practicing mindfulness during the week and sharing how they are helping stay calm and focused. - Ms. Sue & Ms. Stewart

Shout out to Victor from Ms. Sparrow’s class for his effort during in-person PE class. Victor participated in all fitness activities with great enthusiasm and motivation. Mrs. Wyse is so proud of the positive attitude Victor had throughout PE class! - Ms. Wyse

Shout out to all of our K-1 students who participate in PE with such positive attitudes. Our youngest students show so much Perry Pride during PE class. I would also like to give a shout out to their families, many who join in the fitness activities with their children each week! - Ms. Wyse

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