Perry School on WCVB-TV - May 2019

An Army veteran decided to repay a preschool class for its kindness earlier this week after a war memorial on Castle Island was vandalized.

Preschool teacher Judy Nee led her class to the defaced World War II memorial Tuesday, while a team of cleaners was trying to scrub an oily stain off the stone. Some of the students carried flags and Nee led them in the Pledge of Allegiance at the memorial.

"It was a good opportunity for a civics lesson," Nee said. "We really could touch upon a lot of things."

Video from that touching lesson was posted on social media and shown on the evening news, which is how Sgt. Ray Regan saw it.

He decided to personally thank the class for its gesture with a visit Friday.

"It was personal to me because my mother was a teacher of second-graders so I kind of understand that mindset," he said.

Regan wore a uniform and much of his Army equipment for the visit. He also stood with the children to sing the national anthem.

"I want them to understand that anything and everything they want to do with their lives is completely possible," he said.

Regan is a member of the board for an organization called Give2Those, which supports veterans.

The Perry School is holding its annual fundraiser Saturday.