The Perry K-8 School is one of only 23 Boston Public Schools to meet or exceed our school’s targets!

We will continue to work hard to ensure that we achieve our school vision which states:
“The Perry K-8 School is a community working together to prepare our students for successful futures. We develop strong relationships with families and students to provide the best education for every child, every day. Our focus is to academically and socially advance our students through innovative experiences designed to positively promote the learning of the whole child.”

The new system has four categories for ranking schools and districts, which are:
- Meeting Targets. This is the designation for 23 BPS schools.
- Partially Meeting Targets. This is the designation for 29 BPS schools.
- Needing Focused/Targeted Support (requiring intervention.) This is the designation for 41 BPS schools.
- Requiring Broad/Comprehensive Support (requiring intervention). This is the designation for nine BPS schools.