Safe Walking Route

Safe Walking Route
Looking for the safest walking route to the Perry School?

​Check out the Suggested Walking-Route Map, provided by the BPS Health and Wellness Department as part of the Safe Routes to School Boston program.

The map was created under the direction of the BPS Transportation Department and Toole Design, Inc., an engineering firm that has been working with BPS over the past few years to evaluate the infrastructure surrounding schools across the city.
As part of their work, they evaluated the neighborhood around the school. Not only did the engineers consider basic infrastructure such as cross walks and signals, they evaluated crash data in the area, where crossing guards may be located, and other factors such as the convenience of travel for students living in the area. This map provides estimated travel times from various locations, and includes options for mass transport, including bus routes and MBTA locations.
The purpose of the map is to help families in our school community who walk, to encourage them to walk together, and to do so safely. It may also prove useful for identifying potential locations where parents/guardians might park the car and walk a shorter distance to school.

A representative from the Safe Routes to School program will be joining an upcoming Friend of Perry meeting to share more information and answer questions. Stay tuned for details!​​