Legos Galore, Let's Explore!

Legos Galore, Let's Explore!

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My students need spaces and storage for LEGO explorations. The table will allow my students space to create in-depth projects and store for continued play in the following days.

My Students

I love my job! Every year, I have the brightest, sweetest and all around most amazing students. They are inquisitive and their excitement about learning makes me excited to be their teacher.

"Make no mistake about it, when we teach a child to read, we change the world." - Dr. Donald Leu.

I am lucky enough to see this in action every day. My students come from a diverse neighborhood. They are children of the city and some have seen extreme poverty. Their life success hinges on their ability to be exemplary readers.

My Project

All of my students love LEGOS! They are always looking for new ways to build higher and wider! This table will allow for flat play and also a location to save bigger Lego creations. My vision is to mount the large tiles above the table to give students the ability to build up.

Imagine the LEGO city that could be built, complete with birds, clouds, airplanes, bridges and skyscrapers soaring above the LEGO table.

The wall mounted plates will let my students imaginations fly! All of these LEGOS need a place to call home when not in use. The bins will allow for storage around the classroom.