Doc Wayne

Doc Wayne is an award-winning nonprofit reimagining therapy through the lens of sport. Using an evidence-informed curriculum, which incorporates social-emotional learning and life skills, our team supports students as they grow into resilient leaders and learners. Over time, as individuals and in teams, they learn to heal together, grow together, and win together.


RECESS - Doc Wayne makes recess fun, engaging, and accessible for all. Doc Wayne staff are present every day during first through fifth grade recess time. Our trained coaches provide students with a positive social experience by creating opportunities for success and teamwork on the playground.

CHALK TALK® - Doc Wayne's sport- based group therapy program, Chalk Talk®, aims to support students as they grow into confident and resilient individuals. About 30 students from kindergarten to 7th grade currently participate in weekly Chalk Talk® groups facilitated in the school gymnasium.

INDIVIDUAL THERAPY - Doc Wayne offers traditional individual therapy to students needing mental health support. Any students struggling with their social, emotional, or behavioral health can be referred by a family member or Perry personnel.